We are sisters who are also identical twins (the former means that we love each other like crazy; the latter means that we share the same DNA). We love to write, and we write about what we love.

Nicole’s favorite loves are her incredible and supportive husband, her five favorite superheroes (aka her children),  the sun, beach, mountains, nature, books, books, books, ice cream, cheesecake, running, and creating anything and everything—but most especially  lasting memories with her family.

Robyn Gillespie Photography


Shar’s favorite loves are her artist husband, their four mermaid-obsessed daughters (who are most likely playing mermaids or drawing mermaids or watching shows about mermaids at this very moment, which BTW makes her really happy), reading/writing/ discussing children’s books, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, sunshine & swimming, roller coasters, art museums, rock climbing, musicals, mint chocolate chip ice cream, spring rainstorms, family time at the park/beach/mountains, and celebrating birthdays.

Here are her favorite family portraits:

petersen family portrait 2017v2

by Mila, age 7

And here are her favorite people celebrating their family’s birthday:


August 30, 2016


We also love writing picture books together, traveling, sunsets at the beach:



hiking with our families:



and sunglasses.

twins bday 2013



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